Top 10 People That Need a Storage Unit

Published on 8/21/2017

Self-storage rental units are a popular option for many renters wishing to increase the amount of space they have accessible for personal belongings, sentimental items, seasonal equipment and hobbies and more. Renting a storage unit from Port Clinton Storage is an effortless, affordable way to serve as the answer for these top 10 types of people needing a storage unit!


1: The Retiree

You’ve earned it! Downsize your lifestyle and pick up your bucket list! A storage unit is a great way to store furniture, clothing, household items and personal items that hold a particular sentimental value when you have items that you’re just not ready to part with yet. Whether you’re saving items for your children or grandchildren or you just wish to find a comfortable balance between house size and space needed, storage units offer the flexibility to maneuver through retirement with ease.

2: The College-bound

So it’s finally here… your college student has reached this exciting milestone in his/her life and you are excited to enjoy the journey ahead with them. That’s great! But you also have all of their art collages, report cards, academic awards, sports trophies and memories of their school days that you just can’t dream of parting with. Storage units can help. Box all of your items in a well-sealed storage container [such as Sterilite] and rent a storage unit. Storage units allow renters to hang onto the memories that have helped to bring them this far in life without sacrificing space where you need it most: your home.

3: The Explorer

You’ve got a calling to explore. We like it. Go out and find the deepest roots and most off-road places that you can find – come back and tell us how great it is/was… But, when you’re back, you need a place to store your off-road, dig in the grit, splash up a little dirt, grasp the wind vehicle or camper that has been your partner in free-spirit. It’s time to tie your explorer-side down for a moment to return to work, life, obligations and you need a place to give your wild, carefree side a home. Well. We’ve got your answer. It’s here, at Port Clinton Storage.  

4: The Outdoorsy/Enthusiast

Ride the waves with me here, bro. If your calling is to hit Lake Erie, jet skis in tow – feel the wind and water splash up aimlessly against you  as you soak up the sun… we’ve got a place for you. Eventually, the sun does go down and the season comes to an end – and there is a time to need a place to house your water toys. We’ve got you covered. Change out your water toys and bring out your snowmobile, snowboard, skis, decoys, ice fishing and/or deer hunting equipment for the winter. We’ve got space for every season! Whether it’s a small boat, jet skis, fishing equipment, hunting equipment, pool toys, lawn furniture, lawn mowers, camping and outdoor patio equipment – there is a time to tame your outdoorsy side for the cold/hot season and protect your belongings from the elements. A storage unit is for you. Check out Port Clinton Storage to meet your units. 

5: The Spouse

Yes, you have made the list here, too. So you’ve gone out and bought yourself too much hunting equipment, golf clubs, shoes, clothing… all “the good stuff.” We’re right there with you! We have our fair share, also. But eventually, you need an extra garage/closet to store all your prized items. You can’t sacrifice your car’s place in the garage for the extra hunting blind – so get a storage unit! With an accessible location, you can reach all of the items you need quickly and easily while having the right amount and perfect space for everything. 

6: The Newlywed

Before we get to “The Spouse” – you’ve got to be a newlywed. Combining two lifestyles can be a difficult task, especially in a starter home. There is no greater way to bring a little “newlywed bliss” to your marriage than to provide yourself with some extra time and comfort to focus on your new life together – and not on whose sofa goes in the garbage. J Trust me, we’re helping you out here. Your bachelor/bachelorette pad will look best at Port Clinton Storage. And if you have any of those extra post-wedding and reception decorations and items that there is no way you’ll ever give up – no worries. Store them in a storage unit. You can always get them back out to borrow to a family member or friend at any time.  

7: The Homeowner

You didn’t think we were going to get here, did you? Well, we did. Everyone could use and storage unit, including you, too. Do you have all of those “extra” household items that are just lying around but you know you’re going to need them some day in the future?… A storage unit keeps them safely stored. When you find a need to bring out that ol’ sewing machine that grandma passed down to you but you can’t find time to use because you’re too busy “momming” and “dadding,” it will be there! When you’re empty-nesters, you’ll thank us! Really. You can pull out your sewing machine and get to work creating masterpieces that have been just patiently waiting to be unlocked in your newly found free time. [And I will tell you a secret... storage units are a great place to store your beloved car, antique belongings, and so much more. The value is in maintaining your items without sacrificing your every day space!] 

8: The Business-Owner

You’ve got stuff. It’s no secret. As business owners, you need just about everything imaginable to operate your business well but you might not always have the space to house everything you need. You’re covered. Storage units come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of renters wanting to fill space with office equipment, business records, furniture, and miscellaneous “odds and end” items that you need but just might be collecting dust in the office. Or do you need short term warehousing space to store extra product or inventory? … Maybe you’re the “Do-it-All” owner that tends to your own business-scape... and you’re in need of a place to store your landscaping and lawn tools in the winter and place to store your trusty snow blower and shovels in the summer…  Check out Port Clinton Storage’s unit sizes to determine what size best meets your business’s needs.

9. The Traveler

Put down your work and pick up a map. Somewhere is calling your name! Protect all of your personal items while you’re traveling in a locked storage unit for safety and protection in your absence. Then, when you're in between adventures, have a safe and convenient place to hang your climbing ropes, stow away your kayak, store  your luggage, pack away your car's rooftop cargo carrier, and store your tent. It just makes sense to have a place you can go to safely and securely maintain all of your belongings during and in between traveling. Check it out.

10. The Mover

You’ve got your eyes set on your dream home. Congratulations! But now you have to sell your home so you can move in as quickly as possible. It’s time to shift all of your “extra” items that you don’t need to live day-to-day to a storage unit so you can make your home appear as presentable and attractive as possible to potential buyers. Get a hold of a storage space to temporarily store your belongings while you’re in transition. And if you’re moving in, no problem! Port Clinton Storage has space for you, as well. When you need to downsize your living space, clear some room for an additional guest, parent, in-law or family member moving in, or you just want to freshen the appearance of your home without totally giving up what you love and own, we are here for you. Contact Port Clinton Storage and find your space, simplified.